Hi, I’m Julie!

I’m here to help YOU sing BETTER!


No matter your level of talent or experience,

No matter what your aspirations,

No matter your age,

Everyone can sing better!


Did you know?

The average person has a 2-4 octave range!

That means YOU!

Watch this short video for

PROOF that you have more notes than you think!


Hey!  I’m Julie and besides being a wife, mom of 4 crazy kiddos, and follower of Jesus, I have been teaching people how to sing better for over 15 years. 

Have you always loved to sing?

Have you ever wondered if you have talent?

Do you sing and just wish that you better understood what you are doing so that you could do it on purpose?

Is your voice locked up by fear and insecurity?

 I totally get that, and you are not alone!

  I’ve had to overcome my own doubts, fears, and insecurities in regards to singing and I know you can too!

Let’s get beyond the mystery of this unseen instrument!

 I’ve got some simple strategies to help you unlock your voice and gain confidence!

What is LiftYourVoice.net?

Lift Your Voice is online voice instruction to help you sing better!

You'll find teaching, demonstrations, explanations and encouragement that allowing you understand how your voice and body work, connect, and ultimately produce results- great singing!

  • Gain awareness of your body and your mind.
  • Understand where changes need to be made and how to make them.
  • Change bad habits to good ones.
  • Change your voice by singing "the right way" over and over again (form habits)


I'll help you know WHAT you need to work on.


I'll give you tools that help clear up the mystery of singing.


I'll help you understand the changes so that you can make them intentional.



This one is up to you! The more you sing the right way, the faster you'll make great new habits!




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